SEO Tip #2 – Content

Content is King
It’s a phrase we’ve all heard and it is particularly true when we talk about SEO.
There are two angles to consider when thinking about website content – Quality & Quantity.

Quality: Content should be well written, rich in keywords, relevant, informative and interesting. Pictures & graphics look good but aren’t as valuable as words, even with the appropriate HTML tags attached to them. It is a fine line however, keywords and phrases should appear frequently – but naturally – within text.

Quantity: Your website should be updated regularly. If your website’s content doesn’t change, what reason does a visitor have to return?

Relevant, timely and consistent content will turn first-time visitors into repeat visitors. This means you need to be sure to have good, well-written and unique content that is rich in not only keywords and phrases, but offers an easy read for the average Internet user.

Good SEO content will work in three ways:

  • Interest & engage human visitors to the site so that they may return
  • Boost search engine rankings by including relevant keyword and phrases
  • Attract links from other sites, if the content is relevant & interesting
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